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Dear Lindsay,

My dream is to travel the world having adventures, etc. This should be very possible for me to do because I work with computers and my job can be done remotely if I find the right employer. Or even better than finding the right employer, I could do freelance work.

I have been sabotaging myself when it comes to finding freelance work or an employer willing to hire a remote worker. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m afraid of realizing my dream.

When I think about obtaining my dream, a deep fear creeps in. I truly do want to travel all over, but I’m not sure what the fear is. It doesn’t seem like the obvious fears regarding leaving loved ones behind or visiting a new culture where I don’t know the language. I know this is pretty vague, but do you have any ideas?


Dear T.F.,

I know exactly what you’re talking about because I have the same fear. It’s deep, nebulous and of an unknown origin.

It’s a fear that humans have been feeling for millennia. It’s part of what one of my favorite books “The Alchemist” is about.

Your soul would like you to know this simple fact: We are afraid of realizing our deepest dreams because we feel we’re unworthy of living them.

You with your big, beautiful open heart look at the world around you and you ask yourself this question: Why should I be happy and live my dream when everyone I see around me is suffering? Why do I deserve to be happy and free if everyone else is not?

T.F., your soul also wants to tell you that simply being aware that this fear is there is HUGE. This is a huge step and breakthrough because your awareness, your consciousness is what transforms fears. You can look at it, let it be there AND see it for what it is – a scared, part of you that feels unworthy of being happy.

Guess what T.F.? You ARE worthy. Your soul wants you to know that it is actually your job to realize your dream.  You came here to show the world what it looks like to live a self-realized, fulfilling life. You desired to be an example to all the people around you that yes, you can live your dreams. You can be happy. There’s no need to hang onto other people’s suffering or their projections of what they wanted your life to look like.

You came here to be a standard. By living your dreams, you give everyone else permission to live theirs. You live your dream life for you, but your soul wants you to know that you doing so is very much needed for everyone else on the planet. This world needs examples of happy, fulfilled people.

So T.F., feel that fear and let it be there. See it for what it is AND give yourself permission to go beyond it. Feel the fear and the unworthiness and breathe through it. Know that you are indeed worthy of living your dreams. We all are.

I’ll see you out there in this big, amazing world. It’s my dream too!



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  1. Recently I’ve not been wanted to read as much as I usually do haha I rapped the text out loud haha it was plenty fun channeling the energies.

    Point blank advice, straight to the point! There’s definitely a flicker of that feeling within me as well. I know I’ll go into awareness and be clear and yet due to being out here in the gravity of things, I slip into the pattern again.
    Living one’s dreams while out here is certainly a fun juggling of awareness.

    Appreciate the sharing 🙂

  2. Haha that’s so great Noe. Whatever works! Did it make a good song?

    It was actually really good advice for me too. I think most of us have that same fear, myself included. For me it’s also a fear of breaking out of what everyone else is doing. My human self likes to feel like I belong in a group and is sometimes afraid to stand out. So many dynamics at play.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. It did and if anything it flowed like a musical ahaha

    Dynamics! That have such dense gravity! Grab a hammer made out of rainbows and smack myself out of it ahaha

    Of course, love your space here 🙂

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