Soul Advice Column

Hi friends and readers!

I love to read advice columns. Why? I don’t know. They’re kind of my guilty pleasure. Just kidding. There’s really nothing to feel guilty about. I like what I like.

So since I love reading advice columns so much, I’ve decided to start my own, but with a twist.

Mine is a soul-advice column. And the advice will be coming from your own soul, not me.

Over the years, I’ve gotten very good at communicating with myself, and by that I mean, listening to my soul. I’ve also been practicing getting in touch with other people’s souls – those of my friends and family. I can relay messages to them from their soul. This is what I’ll be doing in my soul advice column.

All the questions and answers will be posted on the blog  for anyone to see. I’ll be taking submissions for questions from my Contact Me page. I’ll answer your question about anything: life, awakening, spirituality, or your personal life.

Disclaimer: The information shared in the Soul Advice Column is not considered medical or psychiatric advice. I am not a medical practitioner or a licensed therapist.

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