My Services

My message is simple: the path of awakening/enlightenment/ascension is SELF- LOVE.

This path of self-love includes becoming aware of and accepting ALL parts of yourself – your emotions, thoughts, and especially the negative beliefs you hold about yourself.

This is where I come in. I help walk you through this process of integration, of becoming aware of your own shadows/darkness and bringing them into the light of your awareness for transformation. That’s all it takes.

Awareness is the only healing you ever need.

I help you find any negative beliefs that are blocking you from loving yourself and transform them into new beliefs that feel good, that support you in who you really are.

This is what actually changes your reality and allows you to create a life you truly want, a life beyond your wildest dreams. Your outer world is simply a mirror of what you subconsciously believe about yourself.

I also utilize the Sun Ray Teaching in my sessions. These are tremendously powerful and effective techniques and tools that assist you in transforming your reality.

If you’re interested in working with me, please use my contact form.

It would be my greatest pleasure to be your guide on the path of self-love.

Sessions are $110 and generally last about an hour.

I offer a free introductory session to determine if this work is right for you.