Body Image

In March of this year, I let go of trying to heal myself and control my body in any way. My main challenge in awakening has been my body and my health. I was trying so hard to fix myself […]

Breaking Open

I believe that when you are sick enough for a long enough time, you have an opportunity to open up to it. Or you can say, the illness breaks you, if you can allow it. I know this seems strange, […]

Letting Myself Receive

Certain scenes from my childhood have been playing in my head lately. They are from different ages but they are all variations on a theme: I am inviting someone over to my house for the first time. My parent’s house […]

Dressing My Truth

One of the most helpful things I found along the way in this experience of self realization is Dressing Your Truth and Energy Profiling. It’s a program developed by Carol Tuttle where she categorizes all people into one of 4 […]

Coming Out as the Real Me

About two years ago, in the midst of a very dark night of the soul, I deleted my Facebook page. I was one of the early adopters and had been crafting my profile since I was in graduate school in […]


Oh my god, I’m blogging! This experience is bringing up a LOT of stuff for me, specifically with how the world is perceiving me. This is what it sounds like in my head: “You’re being too preachy. You’re not being […]

Election Season

It’s election season here in the United States and boy is it an interesting one. Personally, I’m not into politics anymore but there was a time when I was deeply invested in that world and the outcomes. The candidates this […]