Droppin’ Stories

I dropped an old story today and chose a new one. This was the old story: I feel very different than most people and that is bad. I should try to be like everyone else. I’m not good enough. This […]

Following the Path of Joy

Can I just tell you guys how scary it feels to put myself out into the world? It’s one thing to talk about yourself when you’re writing a blog about recipes or fashion, but talking about spirituality, consciousness and awakening? […]

Death Isn’t Real

I had a fascinating dream last night. I was standing in the galley of a small airplane with a few other passengers. The captain was there with me too. He was casually leaning on the bathroom door while talking to […]

The Real Abundance

I’ve been following Lauren Hutton on her “30 days of self-love” series. Something she wrote about the other day inspired me. She said when she’s in a difficult period, she asks her soul to show her what’s already there but […]

Why I Write

There’s a few reasons I have this blog. Mostly, I write for myself. It’s a great creative outlet for me. I love writing. Sometimes I share my writing because I know that there’s other people out there who can relate […]