The Real Abundance

I’ve been following Lauren Hutton on her “30 days of self-love” series. Something she wrote about the other day inspired me. She said when she’s in a difficult period, she asks her soul to show her what’s already there but […]

Why I Write

There’s a few reasons I have this blog. Mostly, I write for myself. It’s a great creative outlet for me. I love writing. Sometimes I share my writing because I know that there’s other people out there who can relate […]

I Choose To LIVE

Four years ago I left my job. I had a profound spiritual awakening and I couldn’t stay. I couldn’t keep working. Why? Because I realized it was killing me. I had been sick for the previous four years with what […]

Too Much Magic

A few months ago some of my old childhood books came back into my life. My aunt called to say she had some of my books I had lent to my younger cousin. She asked if I wanted them back. […]

Why Is There Suffering?

Why is there suffering in the world? With all that’s going on these days, many people ask this question. It’s hard to think of someone you know and not be aware of something about their life that is challenging or […]