The Great Divide

A few weeks ago, I read a great article by Arun Eden-Lewis called “I’ll Tell You Where All the Good Men Have Gone.” The title hooked me immediately. I love diving deep into gender issues, social norms, and relationships. I […]

Grand Soul Creations

One of the grandest creations in my life and one I’m thankful for everyday is my relationship with my partner. Well, maybe not everyday. Let’s be real here. Most days. Anyway, I say this because it’s one of my┬áthings. It’s […]

Droppin’ Stories

I dropped an old story today and chose a new one. This was the old story: I feel very different than most people and that is bad. I should try to be like everyone else. I’m not good enough. This […]

Following the Path of Joy

Can I just tell you guys how scary it feels to put myself out into the world? It’s one thing to talk about yourself when you’re writing a blog about recipes or fashion, but talking about spirituality, consciousness and awakening? […]

Death Isn’t Real

I had a fascinating dream last night. I was standing in the galley of a small airplane with a few other passengers. The captain was there with me too. He was casually leaning on the bathroom door while talking to […]