Too Much Magic

A few months ago some of my old childhood books came back into my life. My aunt called to say she had some of my books I had lent to my younger cousin. She asked if I wanted them back.

“Sure, why not,” I said.

The titles sounded familiar and intriguing. I was actually in the process of getting rid of most of my possessions but I knew right away there was something important to be looked at here.

I mean, it’s not everyday that some obscure books from childhood call you up on the phone to remind you of their existence. These books were re-entering my life for a reason.

When I went to visit my family in the fall, my aunt gave them back to me.

One of the books was called “Too Much Magic” by Betsy and Samuel Sterman. It’s about a boy and his brother who find a magic cube that instantly manifests anything they wish for.

Looking at this book in my hands, I was taken back to when I first read it. I was probably about eight years old. At that point in my life, I knew magic was real. I don’t remember experiencing anything that proved it to me, but in my heart I could feel it. I knew there was so much more to life and that anything was possible.

So when I started reading about this boy who could create anything he wished for, I thought, “Of course, what a wonderful book.” I was very excited to read it.

Here’s where it got confusing. The plot twist in the book is this – the magic cube isn’t really magic. It’s a teleporting device that takes from other people.

When the boy wishes for money, it takes it out of someone else’s account in the bank. Someone has less because he wanted more. The boy also gets in trouble with the authorities because he’s doing things that can’t be explained.

He stands out and has to hide what the cube brings him for fear of being found out. The corporate owners of the cube eventually track him down and take the cube away.

The boy realizes he is better off without it because he doesn’t want to take things from other people and hurt them. He concludes that magic is better off left alone.

The end of the book left me disappointed and saddened. I got a big dose of “reality” that day as a little girl.

Seeing this children’s book with all it’s “lessons” laid out in black and white was startling. Here’s what I came away with as a child from reading this book:

-Magic isn’t real.

-Even if magic were real, you shouldn’t do it because you’re taking something from someone else. Magic harms other people.

-Magic is dangerous. You will stand out and get in trouble because people won’t understand it.

This book was in my hands a few months ago, but the real reason it came into my life was realized today.

Today I saw that I’m still operating from those belief systems. They aren’t mine, but ones that I absorbed from society and the values of the authors of this book.

My adult mind knew they weren’t true, but that little girl inside me didn’t know this. She read that book and took it as truth – you better be careful with magic. Better to stay small and fit in. Better to do life how everybody else does it.

I realized this today because I was thinking a lot about abundance and how I want to create it. I feel very abundant but I’m ready to bring in more. I’m ready to bring it in big.

I realized that deep within me, I don’t want to have to work for abundance. I want it to just come to me, like a passive income stream. But I’ve still been pulling on it. I’ve still been trying to figure it out, albeit a lot less than before.

Today I got super clear with myself and decided to go all in on the magic. I’ve stopped trying to figure out the money and abundance. I’m choosing the easy way. I’m choosing the magical way.

That’s when this book popped into my mind. My soul said, “Look at this Lindsay. This story highlights all your beliefs about why you aren’t letting the abundance come in big. Like big where someone will notice and you’ll have to explain yourself. This is where you’re still operating from.”

Wow. My soul was right. I believed that bringing in something big for myself meant taking from someone else.

So right here right now, I’m dropping that belief. That’s not mine. I know now that creating for myself does not take away from anyone else.

In fact, creating more for myself means that I have more to share, more to give to others if I feel like it. There is more than enough energy to go around, endless amounts. I’m kicking that belief to the curb.

I also didn’t believe magic was real. Well, at least that part of me didn’t. But I’ve kicked that belief out too.

Magic doesn’t look like the magic tricks magicians perform onstage, but I’ve shown myself over the past few years of letting go of control, that magic is real. Things work out, things come to me, and I create circumstances for myself that my mind could have never come up with.

That’s the real magic.

Here’s the one that got tricky for me. The belief that magic will make you stand out. That one felt pretty heavy.

How do I explain that money and abundance just come to me, that I don’t have to work for it? That it’s simply there? That feels really scary.

People won’t understand it and there are very old parts of me that tell me that I will be killed or put in jail for doing this sort of thing.

Well, today I say to those aspects, “That’s fine you guys. That was your story, but that’s not my story. I am safe to use magic in my life and guess what, that’s exactly what people are asking for.” I know this now.

People are wanting to remember that magic exists- not the magic of magicians, but the real magic where you use your creative soul consciousness to create an amazing life for yourself.

Many people are tired of the old ways. They don’t want to work for things anymore. They’re ready to allow. They’re asking for an example of someone who’s really doing it. That’s where I come in.

I dropped those old beliefs today. I should even burn that book, just for fun. Those beliefs are not mine anymore. I’m choosing a new story. It’s called “I LOVE Magic!”

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  1. The word magic has been coming up a lot for me lately. I’ve really got back in touch with my childlike sense of wonder as I’ve started to embrace and explore my sensitivity instead of trying to get rid of it. I’ve started to just let things be easy and live more in the feminine receptive energy. If something feels difficult I no longer try and force it. If I start feeling desperate for an answer and notice myself seeking for it, I let it go and trust that I will receive the perfect answer at the exact time I need it, and it magical happens every time 🙂

  2. HANDS 5 for your magic article!!I lived till now hiding myself because of very similar beliefs from past,..i will get killed when i show my potentials…it is dangerous to be diffrent , special etc I LOVE mY UNIQUENESS . and i do not want to fit anymore..cause guess what THEY do not fit with me anymore :))we all should be aware of our uniqness and celebrate it and create magic each of us out of this and creating new with all of us too!” Hugs and grate sharing !

  3. Wow Janel. All those things you’re doing are so awesome. It took me so long to get out of the “pushing” through life and into letting things come to me like you said, but it really is working so well. It’s so much easier. I’m inherrently pretty lazy. ? And it really is all about self love. When I finally accepted that it was ok to be sensitive, emotional and subtle, that made all the difference. Then I saw that I was worthy of receiving instead of believing I had to work for everything. It really is amazing.

  4. Thank you so much Christiane. Your light and joy shine off the page through your words. It makes me smile! I am so happy we are all coming out in our own unique ways and making life magical again.

  5. I love this article Lindsay. I too believe in magic, always have since I was a little girl. I remember my dad telling me when I was young how optimistic I was. He said it in a derogatory way. I find it rare these days to find people that I can talk to about this, as so many are in fear. I support you in allowing your magic and abundance to unfold in your life. I can look back over mine and see all kinds of things I’ve manifested miraculously.

  6. Thank you! It’s safe here to talk about magic and all kinds of other “crazy” things. ?. I think that’s a big part of spiritual awakening – remembering that the magic is real.

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