Dressing My Truth

One of the most helpful things I found along the way in this experience of self realization is Dressing Your Truth and Energy Profiling. It’s a program developed by Carol Tuttle where she categorizes all people into one of 4 different energy types and teaches you how to dress for your type. On the surface, this seems like it’s just about putting on clothes but it is so much more. I credit this program for helping me release a lot of old judgments of myself and allowing a whole new level of self acceptance.

I have always been trying to figure out how to dress myself in a way that was flattering to who I was. I read a few books, followed fashion trends and tried to dress according to my body type but I was not feeling like I had found anything that made sense and felt good. I still felt lost in the world of fashion and eventually just gave up and stuck to what was comfortable.

In January of this year, I stumbled across someone’s blog where she had posted a before and after picture of her Dressing Your Truth experience. I couldn’t believe the difference! She looked so much better and at ease with who she was in her after picture. I was intrigued. I found the website, purchased the course and began a deeper journey into love for this human expression of myself.

I profiled myself as a Type 2 energy, which is described as a soft, subtle, flowing energy expression. I knew intuitively that this was me but as I went through the program and watched the many videos that Carol puts out, the course worked it’s real magic on me. I finally accepted myself. For most of my life, I felt like the way I was and moved though the world was not ok. I was calm, peaceful, unambitious and yes, very subtle. I wanted to flow through life at my own pace. In our modern world, it felt like who I was was not valued. The more dynamic push forward qualities are now what we are told our lives should look like. I was always pushing myself forward and feeling so tired and wondering why I wasn’t able to keep up with the world. Through Carol’s program, I learned that not only was I ok, I was a beautiful expression of energy that is needed on this planet. It was ok to be myself. I didn’t have to be this person that forces her way through life. What an incredible breakthrough this was for me!

I’ve been dressing my truth for a few months now and I absolutely love it. On just an intuitive level, I feel so much more like myself and more beautiful than I ever have. My clothes just feel like me. Before, I felt like I was putting on a costume and now I feel like my clothes truly represent this human expression of myself; a soft, subtle, peaceful woman. I love all of the clothes that I own now, whereas before I had many pieces that I just wouldn’t wear. I now know that it’s because they weren’t type 2 clothes.

The beauty of this program is that it teaches and promotes self acceptance. There is no judgment and no “good” or “bad” energy types. All people are perfect as they are and in the way they live their lives. Each type has challenges, or things that are harder for them to do than another type but this is not labeled as bad. You are not told that you have to change yourself or be different in any way.

The program is also great for profiling the people in your life. It has helped me so much to figure out the types of my friends and family because now I know exactly where they are coming from and how they move though the world. It has helped me to accept others for their unique expressions and gifts and understand why the way they live may look different than how I do. And it’s all good! Just knowing my husbands energy type has helped tremendously because we now know what the other needs. We don’t judge each other anymore for being different or needing different things.

*I am not being paid or compensated for this recommendation in any way. I just love this program and want to share what has helped me. There’s a program for men too! Here’s a link to the website if you’re interested: https://my.liveyourtruth.com/dyt/home/

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  1. Hi Janel! Yes, I’m a secondary 3. I was trying to live from that 3 energy most of my life so it’s such a relief to be my calm, flowing self.

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