Who Made Up These Rules?

In one of the facebook groups I like to visit someone asked this question recently:

I have a gift that I want to share with the world but I feel like I shouldn’t charge for it. What do you all think?

Boy did I know this question well. I answered the question but found I had more to say about it. So I wrote this post.

Lately, I’ve been confronted with my own beliefs about spirituality and charging others for what I do.

I followed the discussion going on and realized that so many of us in these spiritual circles are operating from old rules about money and abundance.

Who made up these rules and why are we still buying into them?

So many of us carry around some variation of these beliefs about money and spirituality:

  • Any spiritual teaching or service should always be free.
  •  If someone is a real teacher or a guru, they won’t charge for their wisdom.
  •  If you have money, you must not be spiritual
  • Charging for helping others is greedy.
  • An enlightened person doesn’t need money. They have let go of the need for any material possessions.

Maybe these rules were necessary in the past (though I’m not sure they ever were) but do we really need to live by them now?

Here’s where I was confronted with my own beliefs about money and spirituality:

I set up a Patreon page where I record videos about awakening and enlightenment. I decided to charge $5 per month for access to all the videos I record. This seemed like a good deal to me. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can watch all the videos I record. Very reasonable, right?

Well, wouldn’t you know, all those parts of me that had money issues gave me an incredibly hard time. They beat me up and basically told me that this wasn’t going to work and I should just give up now. They said that this wasn’t what “spiritual” people did and that I was a fraud.

I realized today that they wanted me to stay safe and small. They are very comfortable being in “lack.” Underneath all their lashing out, they felt unworthy of receiving money.

I believe this is the heart of what’s going on here with some of us as spiritual people. It’s this unworthiness, a lack of self-love. We believe we are unworthy of receiving money for what we do.

This happens for many reasons, one of which is all these “rules” we have about money and spirituality but I think more of it has to do with this:

As awakening humans, we are becoming aware of all the parts of ourselves that are in the “dark,” the parts of us that feel shame, guilt and unworthiness.

Since a lot of the time we hear those parts so clearly, we believe they’re all of who we are. This makes us think we’re unworthy of charging for what we do.

These parts tell us, “Oh, no you can’t charge for that. Spiritual knowledge is supposed to be free.” Or, “Nobody is going to pay you for that, you have to give it away,” or “you can’t charge people for what you do, that’s greedy and spiritual people aren’t greedy. That’s just your ego that wants money.”

What?! Who are these parts of us and why are they like this?

Here’s what I’ve realized: Who they are and where they come from don’t matter. All we need to remember is that they’re just parts of us and not the entirety of who we are.

Somewhere under all that clamor of unworthiness is your soul. Sometimes those voices of unworthiness are so loud that you can’t hear your soul, but it’s still there.

If you look for it, you’ll find your soul voice. It will say something like this:

“My dear, you are God also. You can create anything you want. You are worthy of grand abundance and to live an amazing, joyful life beyond your wildest dreams.”

Here’s the thing about money. We all want it.

You can pretend you don’t and that your lack of money is because you are spiritual. But deep down, if you want freedom, you want money as well.

Because money is freedom.

So really, you don’t actually want money but what you do want is the freedom and opportunities it buys you.

You want to be free to live how you want, where you want and to do whatever you want. This is what money offers you.

When we deny ourselves money, we deny ourselves love.

Of course we can always share our gifts and knowledge with others for free but if we’re doing it at the expense of allowing ourselves to live a good, abundant life, we need to rethink things.

Keeping ourselves poor is not doing us any favors. Not giving ourselves permission to receive money for what we do does not make us more spiritual. It holds us back from loving ourselves in an even grander way.

So here’s the truth – having no money is not spiritual. It’s just keeping ourselves in lack.

Freedom, ascension, enlightenment or whatever you want to call it is really self love. It’s loving ourselves enough to know that we are worthy of grand abundance in all forms and to live our dreams.

That’s what the world needs. The world doesn’t need poor, suffering spiritual people. They need us to stand up and honor ourselves and our inherent worth.

They need examples of living, breathing humans who have realized they are God also and conduct their lives as such. They need to see what a divine, human creator can really do.

So let’s drop those old beliefs and give ourselves permission to receive money for whatever we do.

Let’s all stop giving our gifts away for free and love ourselves enough to realize we are worthy of people paying us for them.

Let’s show the world what unconditional self-love really looks like.


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