The Phases and Paradoxes of Healing

Healing is the process of moving from a state of lack, fear and unworthiness to a reality of joy, peace and safety. It’s shifting out of a limited way of thinking into your true nature of unconditional love. 

You are literally re-orienting yourself to a new reality, a new state of being. It’s a beautiful transformation process but at times it can be confusing, disorienting and sometimes downright uncomfortable. It’s a journey that has ups and downs, paradoxes and phases where you experience different things at different times. 

You can go through all these different phases in the span of one week or you can experience each of them for weeks or months at a time. There is no right or wrong way to go through this transformation process and everyone experiences the healing journey differently.

That being said, there are some common themes and experiences you may have while healing. Here’s a list of some of the normal phases and paradoxes of the healing journey that I have witnessed from my own personal life and the experiences of my clients: 

  1. You feel euphoric

When going through the healing process there are times where you may feel high or a tremendous amount of joy coursing through your being. This is because you are releasing old baggage, wounds and ways of seeing reality and that can feel incredibly freeing and liberating.

2. You feel like you’re going crazy or losing your mind

When you are healing, what you’re actually doing is changing your reality orientation. You are changing the way you see the world, which at times can feel like you are going crazy.

However, you’re not going crazy- you’re going from seeing and experiencing yourself and your reality in a limited, fearful way to experiencing who you truly are, which is loving, open and fearless. So in a sense, you are “losing your mind-“ you are losing the old way your mind functioned and shifting into a new way of thinking that is more aligned with your true nature.

This experience can feel incredibly frightening at times but know that it is a normal side-effect of the healing journey. Know that you are not actually going crazy, you are just changing your beliefs and your reality orientation to a new, more positively aligned one. 

3. You feel a tremendous resistance to something but you don’t know what it is

When you embark on the healing journey, you will inevitably bump up against resistance. Our mind has been in patterns and holding on to wounds and limited ways of viewing the world in order to protect itself. It feels like those patterns and ways of thinking are keeping it safe. So when you start to heal, your mind may resist the changes you are making because it wants to remain “safe and comfortable” in those old patterns. 

You may feel a huge amount of fear, an inner sensation of resistance, or a feeling like you are dying. Know that this is just your mind resisting these shifts in perception and that resistance in itself is a normal part of the process. It will pass and there’s nothing you need to do.

You can remind yourself that you may feel like you are dying because you are “dying” to the old you. A new version of you is emerging and that new you has new beliefs and a new orientation to reality. You are not literally dying, even though it may feel like it at times.

4. You feel like you have no idea what’s going on or any sort of guidance. You seem to have lost your guideposts

At times in your healing journey, you will know exactly where you are going, what you want and how you desire to feel. Things will seem crystal clear and you will have a strong inner knowing of where you are headed.

And at other times you may have no clue. You may feel completely lost and like you have no idea where you are headed, who you are or what’s going on. This is also a normal part of the healing process. 

Since you’re transforming yourself and reorienting your reality, it’s normal for you intuition and guideposts to go away for a time. When you’re in transition to a new version of yourself and your reality is shifting, your guideposts and inner knowing shift with it.

Imagine it’s like moving to a new city- your old guideposts are used to living in that city where you’ve been for quite some time. You may feel lost and disoriented for a while while you are driving to the new city you are going to live in but when you finally settle down and reorient yourself to your new surroundings, you have new guideposts for your new home. Don’t fear this transition as the guideposts will most certainly come back, just in a different way. 

5. You feel a deep sense of peace and love

This is where we’re all headed on our healing journey. This peace and love may last for a few moments at a time and then you may shift into one of the other phases of healing. It may be a permanent shift, or it may be anything in between.

Don’t be discouraged if at first these feelings don’t last very long. As you progress through your healing journey and the various cycles and phases, these feelings will last for longer and longer periods of time, ultimately giving way to the new you- your true self where a majority of your reality will be spent experiencing the joy, peace and love of rediscovering who you truly are.

The other more difficult phases of the healing journey are well worth it for the destination.

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