The Bravery of Feeling

It takes a brave human to feel their feelings.


There are many reasons. Emotions are sometimes very scary to feel. Feeling the depth of your own pain and fear can be enough to send any person running for the hills.

But there’s a whole different aspect of this that is equally as scary.

Once you start becoming aware of your feelings and emotions, you begin to get honest with yourself. You become aware of how you feel about everything in your life.

Your own personal truth, the voice of your soul can’t be ignored anymore. You suddenly see all the things that you have been tolerating in your life but aren’t in alignment with what you really want or who you really are. This is where the courage comes in.

Maybe you hate your job but you’ve been ignoring those feelings and continuing to work there because you’re scared to leave or you don’t know how you’ll survive without it.

You may be in a relationship that used to feel good but now feels stale. You may have been pushing those feelings aside because it’s safe and comfortable to be with someone rather than be alone.

You could be someone who doesn’t like where they grew up but still lives there because it’s where you’ve always lived. You may have been ignoring the call to adventure that sits patiently waiting for you to accept it.

It can be jarring to open up and feel how you may have compromised yourself to fit in with society’s or your family’s expectations and definitions of success. It can be difficult to become aware of where you’ve ignored your deeper feelings in order to stay safe and comfortable. That in itself may bring up a lot of pain and sadness.

However, if you’ve been desiring an authentic life, it starts here. You have to feel your true feelings about your life and what you’ve created in it thus far.

Once you let yourself be aware of how you really feel about your life, change is inevitable.

You have no other option than to leave that job you hate, break up with that partner that you’ve outgrown, or move out of that town where you’ve lived your whole life. Your soul will speak to you so loudly through your feelings, it will be hard to ignore them anymore.

This is the hard part. Change is always scary. Fear is inevitable when we step outside of our comfort zone.

When I finally started listening to myself by becoming aware of my emotions and feelings, my life literally fell apart. I had been pushing myself so hard, working through an illness at a job I hated trying to make enough money for a house that needed a massive amount of repairs. When I finally let myself be aware of how I authentically felt about my life, my soul sounded a little something like this:

“Why are you still doing this? You are so tired. You just want to rest. You hate this job. You never liked this career. Why are you still here? You don’t like that house anyway. Wouldn’t it be nice to let this all go, to walk away and start something new? How good would it feel to finally choose what YOU really want?”

This was all conveyed to me in a non-judgmental way, a sweet but stern reminder that I was completely ignoring my own feelings for most of my life. I had chosen a career out of practicality, continued to push my body beyond what was healthy in order to keep working and pay for a house, car and lifestyle that I didn’t like all that much.

Once I let myself feel this, I had to change my life. I quit my job, sold my house and moved across the country to get some much needed rest and time alone.

This of course brought up a lot of fear. It seemed illogical and crazy to make these changes. Who in their right mind would give up a high salary, sell their house in a bad market and move across the country to a place where they didn’t know anyone? Nobody I knew. But my soul was speaking to me so clearly through my feelings and emotions that it literally became painful to get up everyday and go to work. It felt like I was trying to walk upstream through a powerful current. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

So, are you ready to feel? Are you ready to live authentically according to your own feelings and desires? Are you ready to listen to what you want above all the other voices out there, especially your own fear?

If you’re reading this blog, I know you are. Remember that whatever changes may come from doing this, they are always bringing you to a much better experience. You will now be creating your next experience based on what you truly desire in your heart, not what you were told you were supposed to have or be. Let yourself create your new, authentic life by beginning to feel your feelings.

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  1. Good for you Lindsay. I admire your courage.

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