The Master Was There The Whole Time

For some time now, when I go to bed and lay my head down on the pillow, I can feel myself in many different places at once.

I can feel myself laying in bed in my past and my future, in many different times and places.

Sometimes they all feel so real that I literally have to open my eyes and remind myself of where I am here and now, in this physical body in this linear time and space.

Last night I zoned in on one particular version of “me.”

It was 10 year old Lindsay, laying in her childhood bedroom. She, like me last night, was also laying in her bed on her side, facing the same way I currently was.

In that moment, I realized something profound.

I was always the master.

I had realized this already but in that moment, I took it to a whole other level.

Experiencing this younger version of myself, I could suddenly see it clearly: Me, the master version of myself, has always been there with me. It’s always been me. Master me was there the whole time.

I just wasn’t aware of it. My awareness was limited to only my human perspective, the limited focus of myself through my human senses.

And then I realized that that’s pretty much what enlightenment/freedom is about.

It’s not something you have to search or find, though it does feel like that.

It’s literally who you really are the whole time.

You are the master, right here, right now.

If you feel like you’re not free right now or you’re not experiencing yourself as the master you are yet, it’s not because you’re not a master and it’s not because you haven’t “figured it out” yet.

It’s simply that you haven’t opened your awareness to that part of yourself yet.

But it’s there! It’s already there. You are the master right now. Every single one of you reading this. And you have been the whole time.

I guarantee that you’re all going to look back one day, just like I did, and marvel at that realization.

Master you was you all along.

As I reveled in that amazing realization, I took the time to look back on all my experiences in life, and there too, I realized that the master me was with me all along.

A tiny part of me could feel it back then. Occasionally I could feel that master perspective come in and reassure me that everything was really ok in my life, no matter what was happening.

I bet you can too.

I think that’s really what freedom is. It’s not the endless searching, spiritual practice, or discipline that brings you there.

It’s opening up your awareness beyond your mind and beyond your human senses into what I call your “divine” senses or your “spiritual” senses.

That’s when you feel it. That’s when you “realize” it. You are indeed that master you’ve been searching for, that “free” version of yourself.

And you have been all along.



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