Death Isn’t Real

I had a fascinating dream last night.

I was standing in the galley of a small airplane with a few other passengers.

The captain was there with me too. He was casually leaning on the bathroom door while talking to someone on the phone. This guy was the epitome of a laid back, easy-going worker who didn’t care about anything.

He was explaining to someone on the phone that the engines weren’t working.

“Yeah, the engines turned off but…we’re fine now, everything’s good.”

WHAT!?” I said.

Then I realized that the plane had no pilot. I yelled to the captain, “No one is flying this plane right now! You need to do it!”

He looked at me like I was a lunatic. Without a care in the world, he said “Well, I’m not doing it,” and went back to his phone conversation.

Clearly he was not grasping the severity of this situation.

Here’s where the dream got interesting.

Normally, if this were happening to me in a dream, I would be freaking out. But this time was different.

My body was scared but I realized that there was nothing I could do about this situation. The plane was going to crash.

I sat down in my seat and watched as the plane descended rapidly towards the ground. It was dark out and we were crashing into a densely populated city. I could see the city lights getting closer and closer.

Oh well, I thought. I guess this is how I die. I guess this is what it feels like to die in a plane crash. I couldn’t believe how calm I was.

I felt fear but I was now experiencing this situation from the perspective of my soul. I didn’t care because I knew that I wouldn’t really die. I was just going to leave my body. It was more of a, huh, this isn’t so bad. It’s actually pretty easy this dying thing. All things considered, this is a pretty incredible way to go.

So I relaxed, let go and shut my eyes.

The next thing I knew, I was in a different airplane (or maybe it was the same one) and we were on the ground taxiing. It was daytime. I looked around me, stunned.

“Didn’t this plane just crash?” I asked.

The passengers looked at me like I was crazy. “No,” they said. “What are you talking about? We’re all fine.


I’ve been having dreams like this since last year. Once the human part of me in this life consciously realized that death – or my concept of it – wasn’t real, all these other parts of me and lives I’ve had are realizing this as well.

I see them in my dreams.

The airplane dream is one example of many others like it. They all end with me realizing that I don’t really die. I just leave my body. I transition into a new experience. 

And I’m always fine. I’m always unharmed, untouched, and completely whole. Just stunned that I’m still in one piece and not “dead.”

But while the parts of me that were afraid of death are becoming aware that they don’t really die, something else is happening too.

The other lives my soul has had are releasing massive amounts amounts of guilt and shame.


Because I’m realizing that the people I thought I killed in other lives – as a soldier or whatever I was – aren’t dead either. Once I see, through the eyes of these aspects of myself, that I didn’t actually kill them, that part of me is relieved of tremendous guilt.

In these dreams, everything feels like a scene from a movie.

I’ll see myself as a soldier fighting another soldier. I’m strangling him and just when I think he’s dead, it’s as if there’s some off-stage director who’s  yells “cut” and the scene ends.

My hands are suddenly off this man and we’re now laughing and chatting about what a crazy experience we just had and how funny it is that we think we actually killed each other. The relief I feel is palpable and all guilt is erased.

In these dreams, every time I think someone is dead, they’re not. They come back to life at the end of the scene and we laugh and joke about how crazy it all was.

All these parts of me that were afraid of death are slowly realizing that they don’t die, they just thought they did. The parts of me that felt guilty for killing others in different lives are realizing the people they killed are not really dead, they just believed they were.

It’s actually quite funny and amazing to watch these parts of myself realize this and experience it with them, while at the same time, still having my “Lindsay” awareness. It’s like being two people at once – the past or future life character who’s discovering all this – and me, Lindsay in present time.

No one dies in my dreams anymore. They just act like they do.

Here’s the thing – these aren’t just dreams, this is reality. This is how life really is.

You don’t die. You simply leave your body and move on to another adventure and experience.

While the human part of you may feel traumatized or scared by death, the soul isn’t at all.

Your soul knows that who you are is eternal and will never die, though you may go in and out of incarnation many, many times.

Death isn’t real, we just believe it is.

I see it all the time in my dreams.



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