A Life Worth Living

What is a life well-lived?

Does it look like the pages of a glossy magazine – all sunshine, warm, balmy beaches with loving friends, family and laughter?

That’s definitely a pretty good life.

But what if there’s another way to see life?

What if all lives were worth living?

What if even the most challenging, dark, torturous life was worth living?

Well, it is.

For our souls, all of life is worth living. There is no life that is considered a waste.

Even in our pain and despair, we are not alone. Our souls are right there with us, reveling in every sensual moment of our experience.

That girl who you know that is living in a mental institution wrestling with her darkest demons and hearing voices – that is a life worth living.

The man who is in jail for the rest of his life for murdering his wife – that is a life worth living.

That friend you have who is living in poverty, always struggling to make ends meet – that is a life worth living.

Otherwise, why would it be so? Why would this person be having that experience?

This doesn’t make sense to your mind. I know that. Why is a painful life worth living?

But take a moment and feel what’s underneath my words. Feel the energy of the truth of your soul.

Your soul sees no good or bad.

Your soul knows no judgments.

Your soul only wants to know itself, to experience itself as existing. It creates various human experiences – all ranges of lives – from light to dark to come to know itself.

There is no God that is doling our favors or punishments.

There is simply a soul creating an experience from it’s passion to do so.

There is no life that is not worth living.

They are all equally beautiful, amazing and sacred.

All of them.

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