The Great Divide

A few weeks ago, I read a great article by Arun Eden-Lewis called “I’ll Tell You Where All the Good Men Have Gone.”

The title hooked me immediately. I love diving deep into gender issues, social norms, and relationships. I especially love hearing from men about these issues. There’s not too many men out there willing to be vulnerable and share their truth about these topics.

I don’t blame them. Modern society in general is not a safe, welcoming place for a man to share his emotions and feelings. We as a society are not fully ready for men to begin sharing themselves in this way.

But there are some maverick men who are doing it anyway. I love it!

So this article was a treat for me. It was a well written, compassionate article about the battle of the sexes from a man’s perspective.

But what was even more fascinating than the article, and what this article is about, was the comments section.

The Divide Forms

I sometimes enjoy reading the comments sections of articles. I find them fascinating. If you can stand back and not get sucked into the drama, it’s a great way to take a quick snapshot of where we’re at as a society in general.

This article’s comments section was no exception.

As I read each comment, I noticed a divide forming.

There were many women and men who loved Arun’s article and praised him for sharing his perspective, wisdom, and ideas for the future.

And there were also many women and men who hated every word he wrote. They vehemently rejected what he had to say and labeled it as misogyny, female bashing, or outright abusive.

It was as clear as day to me what was happening. I was witnessing the split: Old earth and New earth.

You could see it in what each person was sharing.

There were so many men AND women who were tired of the fighting. They were tired of the epic battle between men and women.

They were ready, like Arun and myself, for a new way; a new cooperation between the sexes and a shedding of the old stereotypes and rules for how men and women should act.

They desired a new way of relating to each other that called for a letting go of our individual wounds and a forgiveness of the other side.

At the same time, there were so many men AND women who were not ready to go there.

They were not ready to let go of the battle or their individual wounds.

There was no room in their consciousness for the reality that BOTH sides, men AND women, have been hurt by the current way we socialize the sexes.

It was as if the mention of the wounds of one side invalidated the other side’s wounds. There could only be one victim and one perpetrator. Only one side could be hurt. The other side had no right to insist that they were hurting as well.

This is it, I thought. This is what it looks like. This is how the Old Earth and New Earth look like when they split but coexist with each other.

There are so many of us, like Arun and myself and probably most of you on this website, who are ready to drop their swords, who are ready for a new way of relating to each other and the world at large.

We’re ready to let go of the battles and forgive each other and ourselves. We’re ready to live in a new way.

Even if people like us are in the minority, it doesn’t matter. We are old souls who have travelled far and wide experiencing duality and we’re now ready to go beyond it.

We’re ready for a new earth.

We’re creating this new earth by freeing ourselves of all of our limitations and letting go of our old wounds. It starts with us as individuals. We’re freeing ourselves first.

And this means, in a way, we have to leave everyone else behind.

I saw this clearly in the comments too. Arun replied to the angry and hateful comments, knowing he was not going to convince anybody of his perspective, but there were so many that were unmovable in their positions. They wanted to continue the battle.

I have no judgment of those who still want to fight and blame. Lord knows I’ve had plenty of lives where I’ve done that.

But there’s so many of us who are ready for a new way. And we will, in the greatest act of compassion, energetically leave behind those who aren’t ready to move on yet.

We have to. We can’t drag someone along with us if they’re not ready.

We’ll still be here physically of course, but we’ll be living in a whole different dimension – one where we’re not fighting each other but instead celebrating differences and living in harmony, cooperation, and most importantly, sovereignty.

The great divide is happening, even though many aren’t aware of it.

But those who are choosing a different way are. And it’s literally happening right before our eyes.



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  1. I think men and women is one .
    men need women as women need med we are all can’t live a good life without others . Our God creat us as one soul in tow bodies special hasband and wife .
    May you find some difference in how we deal with things in life . And how we think and behave . But all to get best life with us in a cooperative way
    we need each other

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