How Do I Live in Both Worlds?

When I look at what spiritual people are posting on social media regarding election results, now and in the past, I am always surprised at how saddened and disillusioned they are when the candidate they liked doesn’t win. They seem to see it as a defeat of light, goodness and love. This never sat right with me. I haven’t been inspired by any candidates running for office in recent years.  I just saw more of the old: Politicians running for office in the same old ways, making the same old promises and running government in the same old ways they’ve been doing since forever.

I sat with myself today and really felt into why I couldn’t relate to other spiritual people that felt so sad, hopeless and defeated because Donald Trump won the U.S election. I didn’t understand how Hillary Clinton was any better or different at a fundamental level. Why did people feel that she was the more spiritual candidate vs. Trump? Why is Trump winning the election not acceptable for so many?

I then felt into the sadness and fear many are feeling right now, particularly the astonishment that America could elect someone that appeared so outwardly racist, misogynistic and mean. I realized that those who are really upset about the election results are very attached to and enjoying the perceived battle between good vs. evil. Trump and Hillary fit very nicely into their black and white slots of good vs. bad. They are very upset because they feel that the darkness has won. They felt this was a step backward, but what I also felt underneath that was the belief that someone else had power over them, that someone else was in control of their experience and their reality. I could see how this would be scary.

When I first learned that there are truly no victims, only a soul creating an experience, it initially felt harsh. You mean even someone who is experiencing persecution, prejudice, hardship or poverty is not a victim of some larger more powerful force that controls them? Little by little I began to see the truth in this and while it appears to be an unsympathetic perspective, I realized that it’s really the ultimate freedom. If you know that you are the creator of your experience then you, and only you, have the ability to change it. No one outside of you has power over you or can change your experience unless you give them that power. Once you are conscious of yourself as a creator, no one can have power over you ever again. You are free to shift your reality from within.

I also realized today that I am really tired of the whole political and government system and the belief that someone outside of you is responsible for your life. I am tired of living in a world that believes in power and victims. Most of all, I am existentially tired of living in a system of duality, of a belief in right and wrong, good and evil and light and dark. I am tired of people denying the darkness in themselves and projecting it outside of them. I am tired of people claiming they know what’s best for the world and other people’s lives.

I sat with that for a while. I felt my impatience with the world and let it be there. I accepted that some people are still enjoying that experience and I need to let that be ok. Just because I am tired of it and ready for something new, doesn’t mean everyone has to come with me. I realized that being spiritual doesn’t mean that you have to live in duality. It’s ok to go beyond it. I can be ok with people choosing to see their shadow side as bad or wrong. After all, that’s an experience in itself.

I too was caught up in that fight for many lifetimes; the fight between good and evil, the fight to save the world, the fight to suppress darkness within myself and the world around me. But alas, I am existentially tired of that experience too. I’m done with the fight. I’ve learned that only I can create what I want for myself and I can’t do it for anyone else. I’ve also learned that what I want to create in my life is not necessarily what everyone else wants to create. I’ve learned that true peace comes from accepting all other’s experiences as their own creations. I’ve learned to take responsibility for my own life and my own inner darkness. I’ve learned that real peace comes from accepting all parts of myself, including the parts that many call evil and realizing that I am not really them, they are just roles I played, experiences I had. I’ve learned that there are no victims, only creators.

Now I’m wondering how I continue to live in this world while those around me are playing the game of duality. I accept that people want to continue to do that but how do I live with those energies and dynamics all around me? What do I do when I get fed up with a game I just can’t play anymore? How do I live in both worlds?


How do YOU deal with the duality around you while you are going beyond it?

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  1. Dear Lindsay,
    I love your openness and your courage, thank you for this.
    I write because for years I lived the same questions and it was frustrating. I didn’t understand well how to do to get out of it, and I lived just the experience I’ve created, to have a foot in two worlds. But it had to be that way for me, to become even more aware of the fact, as I create my life and how it works the energy that I call.
    Now has given me a real kick in the ass the last Channeling of Adamus. “Good looks in depth what don’t you like and how you need those energies. because them there is something that you love yet, otherwise they wouldn’t be here.”
    I did and continue to do so, because you finally understand the game with the energy and how we need it. That laughter I have on me, clarifying, finally, how many things that I have still kept me, how much energy is blocked by old thought patterns and emotions.
    I just looked at her and understood her service, as I was unconsciously still anchored in the old model of seeing the world and my life. I have not done nothing, only realising all of this, and inside me I felt a melting whole iceberg :-).
    The old energy was turning in me disappeared and my old thoughts about certain things, were struggling to continue as accustomed. Is changing everything in me, I don’t have to do anything other than look at all the good in me, and to understand how those energies I have served in the past and how I reacted and acted to them.
    A nice deep breath and it’s so clear all of a sudden.
    You can use this in everything in your life, if you choose.

  2. I’ve been feeling a lot of this recently as well. It seems I’m surrounded by people who think that life is really serious, especially when it comes to this election. So much effort! It’s a given I guess to so many that everything takes effort and I can understand this because it’s the way we did it in the past. But still.. frustrating to be around. 🙂

  3. Yes, I know what you mean. I am finding that I am less and less able to tolerate the old ways of doing things and also those that believe they are victims. I used to think this awakening process would make me more tolerant of these things but it’s the opposite! It is very frustrating to be around. I’m still figuring out how to be surrounded by it while continuing to be in a different experience.

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