Election Season

It’s election season here in the United States and boy is it an interesting one. Personally, I’m not into politics anymore but there was a time when I was deeply invested in that world and the outcomes. The candidates this year are pushing many people’s buttons and bringing up people’s deepest fears, but I see it as a wonderful opportunity to look those fears and beliefs in the eye and decide if they are still serving us. I am truly enjoying watching this transformational election. I actually love the fact that Donald Trump is a candidate this year. What a great disruptor of the status quo! Look at all the fears and judgments that he is bringing to the surface of mass consciousness so that we all have a chance to chose whether to continue to play in them or let them go.

Will Trump be a bad president if he wins? I’ll give you my opinion.

No, he will be absolutely appropriate for the experience that mass consciousness is choosing to have. Some say that he will be extremely divisive and this is bad for the country. What I see is a perfect reflection back to society and mass consciousness of the experience they are choosing, which is duality; good-bad, right-wrong, judgment and separation. Look at the vitriol and anger both sides have toward each other, the disdain and disgust toward the other party. The result of these energies is a candidate that is a perfect reflection of them, one that is very good at playing those roles.

That being said, this is not a bad thing. I have no judgement of someone or society choosing to have the experience of these energies of hate and fear. It is a wonderful experience to have. However, whenever you are ready for a different experience, you are free to step out of it. You are always free to choose what you want to experience. The true nature of reality is not one of good vs. bad, light vs. dark, it is all just an experience of consciousness. At the level of the soul, there is no right and wrong, no duality, just consciousness and awareness. The energies of duality are something you can choose to experience if you wish but you are not locked into it. It is all a choice.

If you are sick of the talk of politics and all this fear energy, you are free to step out of it. Let it go. Don’t engage in it, don’t talk about it, don’t think about it, don’t worry about it. It’s as easy as that. If you truly wish for a more peaceful, accepting world, let go of the politics. Step out of the energies of fear and judgment. That is how you really can change the world, by changing your own personal experience.

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