Bringing the Feminine Back to Life

The battle of men vs. women, masculine vs. feminine. Doesn’t it feel like it’s been going on forever?

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. It was a great opportunity for us to acknowledge the women in our lives who have inspired and supported us.

But I have a different perspective of women and the feminine energy. It also has to do with the masculine and the male energy.

We as human beings have both masculine and feminine energy within us. Even though we have male or female bodies, both of those energies are inside of us. We use both of them everyday. We need these energies to function in this physical world, but we may not be aware of what they actually are or do for us.

The feminine energy is the energy of creation, of all things creativity. It’s where our intuition resides and also our feelings and emotions. It’s the energy of letting things come to us and allowing energy to serve us. The feminine energy lets us feel connected to each other, part of a whole.

The masculine energy helps us put our creations out into the world. It brings them into form. It creates order, rules and structure. It’s also the energy of discernment, deciding what’s right for us and what’s not. The masculine energy takes action and goes out and gets what it needs. It also allows us to be separate from the whole, to be an individual consciousness.

Our modern world is very much imbalanced towards the masculine, even for us as women. Most of us are functioning in our masculine energy – taking action everyday, busy going out into the world to get what we need. We are doing, fixing and even sometimes fighting for the changes that we want in our lives. This is how we’re taught to live. Our society teaches us that the masculine qualities are what we need to survive and create what we desire. It seems like there’s no other way.

I know this very well because this is my own story. In many areas of my life, I was so overly imbalanced in my masculine energy that it made me ill. I was pushing and fighting through my life until I got so sick that I had to stop and rest. When I physically couldn’t go out and “do” anymore, I was forced to embrace my feminine energy – that creative, feeling energy within me. I resurrected it from the dead. I brought my own feminine energy back to life.

This is challenging. It’s very much easier to keep trying to fight and resist, to keep busy in our lives so we don’t have to go into our feminine energy. Because as beautiful as it is once you begin to embrace it, it can also be terrifying.

When we begin to bring the feminine energy back into our lives, we start to feel our feelings. All our old wounds that we’ve suppressed when we were living in our masculine energy come up to the surface and we feel them. When we begin to let go of the structure, rules and order that the masculine energy creates in our lives, it’s scary. We feel bottomless and ungrounded for a while. But that’s where the diamond is. In that beautiful, deep place of feeling and intuition is a source of infinite creativity and inspiration – the feminine.

Many of us are wanting to bring the feminine energy back to life, but we’re not sure what it looks like or how to go about doing it. I will tell you this: fighting the masculine energy will get us nowhere. Because in reality, you are fighting part of yourself. You are fighting the masculine energy using your own masculine energy. This only creates a further imbalance of masculine energy and contrary to what you’re trying to achieve.

So, if what we’re really wanting to create on this planet is the acceptance of our feminine energy and females everywhere, we have to embrace it within ourselves. It will never be found in protests, fighting or resisting. We bring the feminine energy back by welcoming it into our own lives. We resurrect it from deep within us where it was pushed aside long ago.

We start feeling. We start creating. We use our intuition to know what’s right for us and what’s not AND we use our masculine to help with this. The masculine energy is here to serve us and we allow it to do so. We use our masculine energy to put our creations and our voices out in to the world. We use it to bring our creations to life, into material reality.

The solution to our imbalanced society lies in bringing the masculine and feminine back into balance, not for one to eliminate the other. We need both to live an amazing, fulfilling life on this beautiful planet. So let’s let go of the battle and awaken the dormant feminine energy inside of us. That’s the real change we desire with all our heart.



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