An Opportunity for Healing?

After glancing at the latest headlines about the poll numbers, it seems that Donald Trump has a chance of winning the election here in the United States. A few weeks ago, it seemed a sure thing that Hillary Clinton was going to win. I can feel the fear of many people all over the world increasing to almost a panic level. Just who Trump is as a person is pushing so many buttons and bringing so much hidden darkness and separation in society up to the surface. It had me reflecting on what could be happening in the bigger picture. Could this actually be a good thing? Could this whole crazy election season and everything it’s bringing up be serving a larger purpose?

One of the reasons I was thinking about this is because I had an experience recently that reminded me of the potentials for the upcoming election. A few weeks ago, I spent a few nights alone at my house. I hadn’t done that in a long time. I don’t like being home alone at night. I feel scared and vulnerable. There are very deep parts of me that feel like someone or something could come and harm me while I’m alone or sleeping in my bed. Despite this, part of me wanted to be alone for a few nights. I didn’t want to be so scared anymore so I was looking forward to the opportunity to confront those fears and begin to release them.

Well, the first night I was alone, I created an opportunity to bring those fears up to the surface. I was sitting in my living room, feeling rather smug at how well I was doing and how not scared I was being alone. I thought to myself, “Wow, I’ve really got a handle on these fears, look how well I’m doing.” Then a short while later, “BAM,” I heard a huge noise come from a different part of the house. It sounded like someone was breaking in. Terrified does not even begin to describe how scared I was. I panicked and ran for the door so I could run out into the street and get some help. I was too scared to even grab my phone. Then I couldn’t even open the door to run out! The usually easy to open door was stuck for some reason. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. After a few moments, I felt something inside of me that said, “Wait, a minute, just stand here and breathe.” I stood inside and listened. There were no other noises. After a few moments, I calmed down enough to grab my phone. I started to walk carefully around the house looking for the source of the noise, still terrified. Nobody was there. Everything was fine. I calmed down and went to bed a while later, sleeping fitfully but also releasing a lot in my dreams.

The next day, I found what had caused the noise. A shower caddy had fallen off the wall. I laughed out loud at how I had created that experience so I could release a lot of fears. Why else would that shower caddy fall at that exact, perfect moment? My fears were definitely brought out into the open that night. They’re still there, but the next few nights alone, it got less and less scary. I could feel more and more that there truly was nothing to worry about and I could let go of the belief that I needed to have my guard up.

Could this also be an opportunity for mass consciousness to release some deep fearful parts of themselves? Could this be a chance to bring all these parts of society and ourselves that were underground out into the open so we can look them in the eye and release them? I have a feeling that yes, no matter who wins, this could be a wonderful opportunity for healing. Society’s fears are being triggered, just as mine were when I was home alone that night. As scary as it felt in those moments, it was part of what I truly wanted, which was to begin to release those fears and beliefs that were not valid for me anymore. They were just an old story I was still living with. Maybe society is also ready for this transformation and the elections are helping bring it forth.


Do you have any theories or perspectives?

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