Client Feedback

Lindsay really helped me through a tough relationship. I had such a strong emotional reaction to everything this person did, the rest of my life took second place to whatever this person did or didn’t do. After one session with Lindsay, the obsession with this person subsided almost immediately. Totally night and day. I could finally see things objectively and enjoy other aspects and people in my life.

In other sessions with Lindsay, I would go in without any discernable issues, yet always felt light and more at ease afterward. The beautiful thing about working with Lindsay is that changes seem to be permanent. There is no temporary clarity or feelings of sanguinity like I experience with other healers or my own meditation practice. She is the real deal.

Many times I ask for background on an event and it’s scary how she nails it. For instance, she’ll tell me I had anger at age 15 and I know exactly the situation she is talking about: my parents telling me I could no longer play football. When I asked her for more info without giving any hints, she totally nailed it, saying that my parents prevented me from doing an activity that I enjoyed or loved. There are many more examples of this.


Warm thanks dear Lindsay for our gatherings, the sessions, connecting to my sub consciousness with this amazing, amazing body code.  We released obstacles and barriers residing within me since decades of which I wasn’t aware of at all. I integrated aspects over the last months and released and released old patterns, diving deep into me and looking for the answers for what is going on with me, my body. Nevertheless I was seriously ill. And then I was led to Lindsays FB page, talking about the Body Code and I knew immediately: That`s it!

In working with her, in this profound connection to my body, I realized and understood the magic, the wonderful world of my body and what he carried along throughout my entire lifetime. Incredible! All these shocks, emotional patterns and more than once not willing to live anymore caused all this illness.

After the 4th session I felt how the energies worked within my body over 3 hours, how suddenly and slowly my feet where supplied with blood, became warm, and how the energies moved into each single part of my body. I felt how the tumors have shrunk. I had tears in my eyes and I am very, very grateful to release all of this old stuff, feeling, sensing my body as I had never done before!!!

By now I perceive myself as “healthy”. MS is slowly fading away and I am able to walk again. Life became easy, clear and joyful. It is wonderful, miraculous, magnificent and I am full of joy, the joy of living!

Thank you Lindsay again and I am already looking forward for our next session as there is always more to dive in and explore.