Droppin’ Stories

I dropped an old story today and chose a new one. This was the old story: I feel very different than most people and that is bad. I should try to be like everyone else. I’m not good enough. This […]

The Real Abundance

I’ve been following Lauren Hutton on her “30 days of self-love” series. Something she wrote about the other day inspired me. She said when she’s in a difficult period, she asks her soul to show her what’s already there but […]

I Choose To LIVE

Four years ago I left my job. I had a profound spiritual awakening and I couldn’t stay. I couldn’t keep working. Why? Because I realized it was killing me. I had been sick for the previous four years with what […]

Too Much Magic

A few months ago some of my old childhood books came back into my life. My aunt called to say she had some of my books I had lent to my younger cousin. She asked if I wanted them back. […]

My Love Affair With Klonopin

I know spiritual people aren’t supposed to take drugs, let alone talk about them in a blog post. We are supposed to have clean, pure bodies – ingesting only the most organic of foods, the most natural of supplements and […]


A few years ago, shortly after I began exploring spirituality, I read the book “Sacred Contracts” by Carolyn Myss. I was trying to figure out why I was sick – the spiritual reason. I was searching for answers as to […]