Self-Love 101

This is from a post I published on my Patreon page back in the summer of last year. I wanted to share it with you here today on my blog, as self-love is what I’m talking about a lot these […]

The Roller Coaster

“Please know this, you can get off the roller coaster at any time. You can get off the roller coaster at any time.” ——— A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend who was beginning a new romantic […]

Free Falling

I’m sitting on my bed on the night of my birthday writing this post. I decided not to go out and celebrate. It didn’t feel right. What I really wanted was to spend my birthday with myself. A celebration of […]

Who You Are

Who you decide to be is who you are. It’s all just an act. I heard these spiritual teachings and mentally understood what they meant. Simple enough, right? You say you want to be happy, then decide you are a […]

Walking Into the Room

I was reminiscing about my days as a Speech Therapist the other day. I would walk down the carpeted hallway of the rehabilitation facility where I worked, knock on the door, and enter a patient’s room. They would most often […]

Clinging To Love

When I was 24 and in a relationship, I wanted to get married. Was it because I wanted a big party with all my friends and family? No, I wasn’t interested in that at all. Was it because I’d always […]

We Are Never Alone

I wrote this post in the midst of a challenging few days. I was going to publish it on my private Patreon page but I decided to share it here. It’s also on my Facebook page. I’ve been inspired by […]

How to Be Free

Freedom has meant many different things to me over the years. First it meant freedom from living at home with my parents – being out on my own. As I got older, it meant financial freedom – the ability to […]

Grand Soul Creations

One of the grandest creations in my life and one I’m thankful for everyday is my relationship with my partner. Well, maybe not everyday. Let’s be real here. Most days. Anyway, I say this because it’s one of my things. It’s […]