Grounding Empowerment

For the past six months the words power and empowerment have been in my life. At first I had an aversion to them. They brought up lots of questions for me: Why do I want power? Power is an illusion […]


Are “needs” a bad thing? Especially the the need for connection? Lately I’ve been inspired to think about needs vs. wholeness. On a spiritual level, we can access wholeness any time- the place where there are no needs and you […]

How to Be Free

Freedom has meant many different things to me over the years. First it meant freedom from living at home with my parents – being out on my own. As I got older, it meant financial freedom – the ability to […]

You Are Free to Choose

When I was a kid traveling around in the car with my parents, my dad would always put on talk radio programs. I enjoyed them. There was something about the core beliefs of some of the hosts that resonated with […]

Following the Path of Joy

Can I just tell you guys how scary it feels to put myself out into the world? It’s one thing to talk about yourself when you’re writing a blog about recipes or fashion, but talking about spirituality, consciousness and awakening? […]

Death Isn’t Real

I had a fascinating dream last night. I was standing in the galley of a small airplane with a few other passengers. The captain was there with me too. He was casually leaning on the bathroom door while talking to […]