About Me


What is an awakening human?

It is a human who is experiencing the process of bringing their soul, their divinity, here with them into their human body, no longer sepearated.  This is called awakening, enlightenment, mastery, ascension or freedom.

At ages 14, 18 and 26 I experienced a mysterious physical symptom. No one knew what it was or where it had come from and it lasted for years at a time. I experienced a lot of suffering and discomfort, both physical and mental. I spent a large part of my life trying to heal myself and figure out what was wrong with me.

Four years ago, I found a book that broke the spell I had been living under – the belief that I was just my body and mind. I realized that what I was experiencing in my life, the challenge of illness, was way more than what I thought it was. I was going through a transformation, a spiritual evolution.

I was then confronted with the darkest, most fearful parts of myself. For three years I wrestled with my inner demons before finally letting go of my quest for healing. What then entered my life was beyond anything I could have ever imagined – freedom.

Through this transformation process, I have remembered who I really am – a souled being. I am aware that at my core, I am consciousness, the awareness that I exist. This human, Lindsay, is merely one aspect of the many aspects of my soul.