Self-Love 101

This is from a post I published on my Patreon page back in the summer of last year. I wanted to share it with you here today on my blog, as self-love is what I’m talking about a lot these […]

The Roller Coaster

“Please know this, you can get off the roller coaster at any time. You can get off the roller coaster at any time.” ——— A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend who was beginning a new romantic […]

Free Falling

I’m sitting on my bed on the night of my birthday writing this post. I decided not to go out and celebrate. It didn’t feel right. What I really wanted was to spend my birthday with myself. A celebration of […]

Grounding Empowerment

For the past six months the words power and empowerment have been in my life. At first I had an aversion to them. They brought up lots of questions for me: Why do I want power? Power is an illusion […]

Who You Are

Who you decide to be is who you are. It’s all just an act. I heard these spiritual teachings and mentally understood what they meant. Simple enough, right? You say you want to be happy, then decide you are a […]

Walking Into the Room

I was reminiscing about my days as a Speech Therapist the other day. I would walk down the carpeted hallway of the rehabilitation facility where I worked, knock on the door, and enter a patient’s room. They would most often […]

Clinging To Love

When I was 24 and in a relationship, I wanted to get married. Was it because I wanted a big party with all my friends and family? No, I wasn’t interested in that at all. Was it because I’d always […]

We Are Never Alone

I wrote this post in the midst of a challenging few days. I was going to publish it on my private Patreon page but I decided to share it here. It’s also on my Facebook page. I’ve been inspired by […]


Are “needs” a bad thing? Especially the the need for connection? Lately I’ve been inspired to think about needs vs. wholeness. On a spiritual level, we can access wholeness any time- the place where there are no needs and you […]