Welcome to Living Free

Welcome to Living Free!

If you’ve found your way to this page, you’re probably interested in healing and the awakening journey. I’m so glad you’re here.

Are you feeling stuck in your journey or feel like things could be moving faster in your awakening?

Are you in a lot of emotional, physical, or mental pain that seems to never go away no matter what you do?

Are you ready to let go of emotional baggage and move out of patterns of thinking that are no longer serving you?

I was feeling all those things before I started doing energy healing work on myself.

I had the pleasure of working with some amazing practitioners who assisted me in healing myself, who helped me release energetic baggage and transform my negative beliefs so I could heal and discover the freedom I was looking so hard for.

I can honestly say that without these incredible healing tools and and healers, I would not be where I am today. Opening up to assistance fast-tracked my awakening process and transformed my life.

I now do the same for others.

Emotional and energetic baggage we all carry from our past prevents us from creating an amazing life we love, and can even prevent us from experiencing the awakening many of us are searching for. It keeps us stuck in old patterns, experiencing the same challenges over and over again, and limiting our understanding of who we really are.

I offer healing sessions to remove energetic blockages to activate your own self-healing. I use a variety of methods to release emotional baggage and shift negative beliefs, assisting you in discovering the love, freedom, and healing that you already are.

Energy healing can create breakthroughs in any area of your life even beyond the awakening journey- health (physical and emotional), relationships, abundance, or business. Any issue or obstacle you have can benefit from energy work.

I also specialize in healing from abusive relationships. Clearing the emotional baggage and shifting the negative perceptions of yourself you may have acquired from a toxic relationship helps you move forward, heal, and create new, healthy relationships.


I would love to help you heal, transform, and create lasting positive change in your life. For more information or to discuss your situation, send me a message using the Contact Me form, my email at Lindsay@anewearth.us, or private message me on Facebook.


Click here to read what clients are saying about the breakthroughs they’ve experienced.

My personal experience with the work I now do:

Click here to find out more about the primary healing modality I use, The Body Code.


I offer a few ways to work with me:

Individual session- $95

The most transformational work occurs over multiple sessions, as it usually takes a little time to get to the core of an issue, like peeling layers off an onion. I offer the following packages at a discounted rate:

4 sessions- $325

12 sessions- $895






Disclaimer: Energy work is not a substitute for medical care. This information is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Information received is not intended to create any physician-patient relationship, nor should it be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare provider, nor is it meant to replace any medical treatments as ordered by any physicians nor any other medical care you have been advised to seek by them. Further, these methods are not a replacement for any professional psycho-therapeutic or counseling sessions in the treatment of any mental health issues or disorders.

The practitioner makes no claims as to healing or recovery from any illness you may have now, nor the prevention of any illness you may have in the future. The use of any information you receive is at your own risk.

If you have health concerns, please seek advice from an appropriate medical practitioner before making any decisions about your health. This information is offered as a service and is not meant to replace any medical treatment.